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Friday, April 14, 2006
Limitations to Plant's Ability to Store Excess Carbon Dioxide
One of the mechanisms for counteracting excess levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide, its utilization by plants to fuel their growth, has been found to be quite limited. A new study, reported at ScienceDaily.com, found that high levels of carbon dioxide limited the availability of nitrogen to the plants, thus inhibiting their growth.
"We found that atmospheric carbon dioxide levels may rise even faster than anticipated, because ecosystems likely will not store as much carbon as had been predicted," said Peter Reich of the University of Minnesota, lead author of the study"

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1 Comments on "Limitations to Plant's Ability to Store Excess Carbon Dioxide"
So increasing levels of carbon dioxide retards plant growth thereby limiting the ability of plants to ameliorate rising levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide. These data suggest a compounding effect that will ultimately accelerate the rate of increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide levels.

At what point will the evidence provided by the scientific community be enough to spur politicians into action?

Do we as a society really want to run the global warming-denial-experiment on our planet past the recovery point?

Anonymous Laja @ Fri Apr 14, 04:05:00 PM EDT  
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