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Tuesday, April 04, 2006
The Promise of Citizenship
Fareed Zakaria has an interesting column on immigration in today's Washington Post "To Become an American" in which he makes the point that America has done a much better job at integrating immigrants (the legal ones at least) than has Europe, because attaining citizenship is relatively easy and straightforward for American green-card holders, whereas in Europe, attaining citizenship is discouraged. The social ramifications of having a class of guest-workers who will probably never become citizens is not hard to predict, and are on display in Europe today.

It is a good point to keep in mind in light of Bush's impractical plan to allow illegal immigrants a six-year window in which to work, followed by a forced repatriation, or the absurd Republican House plan to define illegal immigrants as felons, making their eventual integration impossible.
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1 Comments on "The Promise of Citizenship"
Just found your blog - looks promising, so keep posting.

What are your predictions concerning the social ramifications of a class of guest workers?

Anonymous Anonymous @ Sat Apr 08, 09:36:00 AM EDT  
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