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Tuesday, May 09, 2006
Jackson Needs to Resign Now
HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson should resign, whether or not he made up his story of canceling a government contract because the contractor was not a Bush supporter. To leave him in place now, even if it is proven that the incidenct never took place, would leave his story out there as a threat to all future contractors.

The original story, in the Dallas Business Journal recounts how Jackson told his story to a meeting of the Real Estate Executive Council, a minority business association. Later reports at ThinkProgress tell how Jackson's office is denying the contracting incident ever happened.

If the incident never happened, then it is clear that the purpose of the speech was to put potential contractors on notice as to their need to express political loyalty. This is the real abuse, transcending any one particular incident. If the incident did happen, then Jackson may well be guilty of a federal crime. In either case, he needs to resign.

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